What does Smithwood Medical Institute have to offer?

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Program (state certification)
  • Phlebotomy Training Program (national certification)
  • Basic Electrocardiography Seminar (EKG)
  • Nurse Aide Continuing Education Seminar (24 Hour In-service online course) 
  • All Inclusive Tuition and Financial Consultation

Why Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC?

AM/PM CLASSES. Our sessions are designed for working adults with families like you, with day and evening classes in select programs to accommodate your schedule.

CNA AND PHLEBOTOMY CLASSES. We offer a training program in a specialty area that is proven to be in demand by today’s employers.

PROGRAM LENGTH. We know that you don’t have ANY time to spare, so we immediately prepare you for the job market quicker than you may think Nurse Aide program can be completed in as few as 4 weeks and the Re-certification program can be completed in as few as 2 weeks. Phlebotomy program can be completed in 9 weeks.

CAREER GUIDANCE. Our career guidance program assists you in several aspects of your job search including:
One-on-one help with resume development and interviewing tips.
Job assistance with partnering medical entities.

AFFORDABLE TUITION. We will discuss options available to help pay for your career training. Most students qualify for financial assistance. We offer an all-inclusive tuition that includes all books, equipment, lab fees, and uniforms (if necessary). There are no hidden fees.

CLASS SIZES. Our small classes will allow you hands on instruction with instructors who bring real-world experience in the medical arena.

QUALITY EDUCATION. Our hands-on labs provides each student with real, professional work environments. Clinical sessions will allow you to experience the job you’ve trained for and connect with those in your field.

How Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC has made a difference.

“Mrs. Smith, of Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC, is one of the most encouraging instructors I ever had! She always knew the best way to get through to her students and she made everything fun and easy to understand! She is by far my most favorite teacher and I know everyone who took her class felt the same! — Katy Jordan

“The experience has been great. Learning the different components of phlebotomy has been a lot of fun and interesting. I look forward in the mornings to come to class. The staff is great and very kind, Mrs. Travis was awesome.” — Marian Rodriguez

Mrs. Smith was by far the best teacher I ever had. She sincerely cares about her students and wants them to succeed in life, no matter what career path they choose. I only wish she could have taught all of my classes! – Mitchell Tillman

“My friend asked me to come with her to SMI for the tour and to talk to Miss Rikki and I ended up enrolling with my friend to Phlebotomy program.” — Matilda Rangel

“Out of all my educators, Mrs. Smith (from Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC) was the only one who surpassed the normal role of a teacher. She would always stay after class to help her students or prepare for the next school day. Mrs. Smith inspired me to go beyond my best while a student in her class. She is very passionate about her profession. I feel honored to have been one of her students.” – Haylee McKnight

“A friend told me about the program and I wanted to try something different, a short term career in the medical field. I called and spoke to Miss Rikki and she asked me to come in so we can talk about it, I liked everything we talked about and I signed up for it.” — Jennifer Rodriguez

Mrs. Smith – Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC- was the best instructor I have ever had. She taught not only with her knowledge but with her heart. I am currently a sophomore at Angelo State University. Without the inspiration that Mrs. Smith has given me, I don’t know if I could have made it this far. Thank you Mrs. Smith! – Stephanie Aguilara

“I chose SMI because everyone are really professional, SMI has a high passing rate and seemed to have a lot to offer. I also loved the fact that the classes are smaller.” – Shandriah Seawood

“Mrs. Smith was my Health Science Technology teacher for three years in high school. With all the drama and stress that comes with being a teenager, she helped me stay motivated and focus on my dream. She became more than just a teacher, she became someone I could go to for guidance and advice. Her life long devotion and compassion as a teacher has motivated me to reach that dream in becoming a registered nurse.” — Sara Walden

“Location is close to my home, price is affordable. The instructor is very qualified and the school has reputable recommended.” –Willie Johnson

Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC believes in you! We look forward to working with you to help you earn the skills necessary to make a great career and a brighter future!